Best Online Slots games June 14, 2024

Tree of Light Bonus Buy invites players to visit Winland – a fantasy kingdom with a dreamy forest full of charmed flora and fauna. When a brave mouse named Lupine, sets out to explore the area, he and his devoted friend, Mino, come face to face with its enchanted inhabitants and encounter an unexplained phenomena. The destination is a magical Tree of Light, which bestows divine wisdom upon those who stumble upon, feeding wanderers with delectable fruit. Players’ bets are multiplied when Lupine and Mino gather runes and learn all about forest monsters. Winland’s wizardry allows players to activate the Magic Pattern by themselves via the Bonus Buy feature, resulting in Free Spins to continue on the wonderful journey of these adorable creatures. Join the adventurous two on their journey to the Tree of Light by entering the forest!