Best Online Slots games June 14, 2024

The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy game is the perfect opportunity to grab your fishing rod and hook a super big fish – a huge win! In this title, a mustached fisherman, Harry, spends days in an old wooden boat at the pond, enjoying the day go by whilst taking pleasure in casting the rod into the chilly waters. Napping here and there but suddenly sees his dream fish – Scatter. A prodigious fish haunts his mind, but patience is always rewarded! The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy is a chance to allow the elderly man a moment of happiness and for him to get closer to his dream. Purchasing additional Free Spins allows him to have more attempts at fishing into the pond so he can get his hands on another catch. In the Bonus Buy game, the fish never stops biting the hook! So come feel the atmosphere of a fruitful haul with Fish… oops!… Free Spins.