Best Online Slots games June 14, 2024

Crack your whip as our legendary treasure hunter Indiana from Indiana Quest tools up for his next adventure! Ready to roll back the sands of time to discover Ancient Egypt, our intrepid adventurer is on a mission to uncover the Temple of Dead and reveal its mystical secrets, which remained undiscovered for millennia. To open the door of the Temple of Dead and encrypt the God’s letters on its walls, Indiana needs to find a book, which is carefully guarded by the three most humble Priestesses of the Pharaoh. A goldmine of treasure awaits if our adventurer succeeds, and when opening the hall to the final chamber, our hero will start his most anticipated battle for the great treasures of Pharaoh, worth over x10,000 in total. As well as the recognition of the Lord of the Temple of Dead and the conquest of the three Priestesses of the Temple – the ultimate prize awaits, to have the victor’s name carved into the immortality of time. Only for the brave, the game begins!