Best Online Slots games June 17, 2024

They say a gut feeling never lies. Our newest game Magic Chests is here to put this theory to the test and see whether your instincts are bang on the money. The Royal Treasury does not often open access to its magical chests. And even less often gives the opportunity to look inside. The purchased ticket allows you to open a certain number of fancy chests – 5,10, or 15 from the total of 25. Tucked inside of each one is either a multiplier or a disappointingly empty chest, so you’ll have to use your gut instincts to figure out which one is the lucky cell! Making hypotheses, you can hit a SUPER chest, blessing you with an x50, 100, and even 500 multiplier! Feel that fluttery sensation of butterflies in your stomach as you challenge your intuition, solve the chest dilemma and enjoy out-of-the-ordinary fun.