Best Online Slots games June 14, 2024

Every good fairy tale needs a memorable villain. While time may pass, it’s usually the moral of the story we forget and the characters that stay with us. We’ve used exactly that thinking to bring to life our legendary slot, Forgotten Fable! On the game’s reels, you’ll be transported on a journey through Slavic folklore with Koschei the Immortal, Baba Yaga, Gorynych, Leshy and Vodyanoy – in the search for buried riches deep in a forest. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to join these inviting characters on their quest to find their long-hidden treasure. With 3 types of Wild symbols, runes, bonus Magic Chests and 2 types of Free Spins, you’ll have plenty of tools to help you on your way. Want to create your own legend? An immersive adventure awaits in our thrilling tale, Forgotten Fable!