Viking’s mode a classic gambling game in the rock-paper-scissors, which is known all over the world. The game not only entices with its simple gameplay, but also takes the player into the era of the early Middle Ages. Funny characters of the game allow you to play at ease and fun. Rules have not changed – choose one of three options, make a bet and fight! Specially designed game interface will give the opportunity to find any information about the game, and stores the history of the rounds.


More or Less is a game where a player can boost a bet by guessing the difference between two numbers. Inspired by steampunk genre, the game has crispy design and flawless graphics. The interface has 2 reels. The right one has a certain number. Your task is to guess if the secret number is more, less or equal to a known number. Also player may predict if the next number is odd or even. Such a simple gamble may multiply your initial bet up to x96! Click on History button to check details of previous rounds.


Red Queen is an insta game where a player wins if he opens the Queen of Hearts after shuffling. It’s as simple as that. Correct guess brings gambler a prize (an initial bet multiplied by x2.88). First things first: set the bet amount from 50 to 10 000. Then click on a card you think might be a Queen. If your prediction is right, you win. If you open a Jack of Diamond or Jack of Clubs, you lose. Mute button, rules, and bet counter can be found in the dashboard at the bottom of the interface. Check out the History bets field to follow gaming process.


Four Aces is another insta game by Evoplay Entertainment. In this gamble player has to find a card with a target suit. Don’t be misled by the simple rules, a right guess multiplies your bet in next to no time! The game starts as soon as player sets a bet amount and select a target suit or suits. You can choose up to 3 suits per round. Apparently, the biggest multiplier(x3,84) comes with 1 suit selected. Click on one of four cards you think might be right and see the result!


Perhaps you already know these cute aliens from another Evoplay Entertainment game. This time, the cute heroes staged a race to the cherished goal, in fact, your socks! In this difficult and hazardous challenge, each of them will show their unique character traits and athletic skills.
E.T. Races will win you over with its incredible atmosphere, funny animation of the main characters, and easy control of the gameplay. The rules are simple – choose a hero, make a bet and “Forward”! Specially designed game interface will provide an opportunity to find any information about the game and the history of the rounds.


Evoplay Entertainment represents Roll the Dice, a classical gamble framed within a stylish design. In this insta game players place bets (over/under) on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice. Besides that, Roll the Dice offers a risk game for players to double their winnings after each successful bet.

The game starts as soon as a player set a bet amount and select over/under outcome of the roll. The riskier the outcome, the higher the odds. Roll the Dice game provides game statistics in ‘Bets’ section and ‘Auto play’ mode.


Evoplay Entertainment brings a new vision to traditional coin flipping game. Head & Tails is an exciting gamble where a player can instantly multiply (x 1.92) an initial bet by guessing the outcome of coin tossing. To start the game, a player sets the bet (from 50 to 10 000) and select a possible outcome. Click on ‘Flip’ to toss a coin and see the result. For added convenience Head & Tails provides History bet section. Therefore, players may build a suitable gambling strategy.


Evoplay Entertainment team put its own twist on a classic shell game. Thimbles is an insta game that let players both check the concentration and try their luck. The task is simple and easy. You see three identical containers placed face-down. A precious stone is placed beneath one of it. As soon as containers are shuffled, player has to select which container holds a stone. Successful bet brings a player a prize (initial bet multiplied by x2.88). The gambler can also play with two balls (multipliers will be 1.44). Check out more details about previous rounds in ‘History’ section.


Push your gambling experience to the limits with High Striker! This is an insta game by Evoplay Entertainment where the whole result changes within a fraction of a second! The riskiest player will get up to x1000 bet multiplier! As participants place bets, a scale of multiplier starts growing. The longer you wait, the bigger would be your prize. Be aware that multiplier may crash anytime and game finishes. Place ‘Cash out’ to take your win (initial bet multiplied by multiplier). High Striker game provides convenient History and top player sections for players to build the most profitable strategy.


Courier Sweeper is a simple gamble game based on the beloved classic Minesweeper, where the player’s goal is to go through the minefield to the end. In the game from Evoplay Entertainment, the player needs to take the donkey-courier to the final point. Each subsequent successful step increases the size of the winnings. The player can choose the size of the field, based on the preference for the height of the risk, and also withdraw money at any time before stepping the mine. Fantasy setting made the game even more fun and exciting. The uniquely well-designed interface allows you to quickly place or change bets without being distracted from the process!