We are thrilled to launch our first slot featuring progressive jackpots – Shadow of Luxor – the new game that follows the flow of the river from the famous east bank of the Nile, and takes us to the ancient city of Luxor.

The game features 3 reels, blank symbols, Wilds, Scatter wins and magical ancient Egyptian symbols. The true potential of the slot is revealed in the Free Spins, where players can win over 3000x their stake! But the Progressive Jackpots feature possesses a power that makes the prize as noteworthy as the pyramids!

Shadow of Luxor Jackpot is a game worthy of a Pharaoh, so why not experience the true luxury and the forgotten generosity of the ancient gods!


Would you like to enjoy free spins mode without waiting for the scatters to appear in the main game?

Evoplay presents the Temple of Dead Bonus Buy, where players can purchase 10, 20 or 30 Free Spins in their favorite Temple of Dead game.

Safe to say, the new feature ramps up the entertainment factor for fun-loving punters!

Follow the instructions and open the hall to the final chamber, hunting for a prize of over x10,000 whenever you like!


Gold of Sirens Bonus Buy allows players to immerse themselves in the jackpot game, while not having to wait for a lucky combination to open the door to Poseidon’s treasury in the underwater kingdom.

Now players can enter the Free Spins and Jackpot games, by buying spins that will lead them directly to the massive jackpot wins with Minor, Major, and regular Jackpot symbols.

The exciting jackpot ensures the most epic wins, worth x3000 in total!

Start the Gold of Sirens Bonus Buy game right from the most impressive moments!


Christmas Reach Bonus Buy allows players to immerse themselves in the Bonus game while not waiting for a lucky combination of 3 Bonus symbols to land on the reels.

Now players can purchase and immediately enter the Bonus game to enjoy the most exciting wins, ensured by the burning holiday combo of Xmas and Epic Bonuses, worth x30, 000 in total!

Start playing the Christmas Reach Bonus Buy game to feel the real holiday spirit and get the most impressive gambling memories!


In the Cycle of Luck Bonus Buy game, Evoplay offers players the most amazing deal: the ability to purchase immediate access to the Bonus Game!

With this in-game buying feature, players have the opportunity to win incredible Jackpots without having to achieve the Bonus game naturally.

The price in question is 36x the total bet and the chance to win the EPIC Jackpot, equal to x5000!

Are you in the Jackpot mood? Play Cycle of Luck Bonus Buy and enter the Bonus game whenever you want!


The thirst for adventure takes us to the tomb of the legendary Pharaoh, in the brand new Curse of the Pharaoh Bonus Buy game.

However, the tomb will contain treasure as well as traps and curses, but such things will not stop a true adventurer so players will need their wits about them!

Players will get an opportunity to purchase or trigger one of the three exciting Free Spin games, and they have full control over how their experience pans out.

A wide-brimmed hat will protect the brave players from the scorching sun and traps, and with a little bit of luck, they will discover untold riches!

But there is only one way to find out whether players will receive the Pharaoh’s mercy or his curse, and that’s by trying it out, now!


Excellent news for Fruit Super Nova collection fans! Fruit Super Nova will feature progressive jackpots! Now players will not only enjoy the famous fruit series but also hunt for progressive prizes.

There are three progressive jackpots in the game: MINI, MEGA and SUPER. The size of these prizes is unlimited and every player can win them.

Start the game and discover your jackpot luck in the Fruit Super Nova Jackpot game.


Our latest game, Budai Reels Bonus Buy honours ancient traditions which go back centuries, such as gold-filled bags, feng shui inspired coins and Chinese red envelopes full of money!

In this title, a cheerful monk named Budai acts as a representative of Japanese mythology and Buddhism. The friendly sage seeks to share contentment, success and prosperity with the lucky players that are able to meet him.

With the new Bonus Buy feature, users won’t need a monk’s level of patience, as players can purchase Budai Respins, allowing them to trigger the main game feature at any moment!

Meet with Budai, benefit from his good wishes and learn more about the power of the Buddhist master in the Bonus game!


The Dragon’s Tavern Bonus Buy game transfers players to a cozy tavern, where a richly laid table lures with the smell of tasty food. Players will meet the chef Oliver who is always ready to treat visitors with exquisite cuisine as well as delight them with great wins.

Now with a new bonus buy feature that allows players to benefit from a Free Spins round without waiting for a special moment, the game has become even more enthralling. Seven Free Spins? Fourteen? Or maybe twenty-one? It depends on your appetite!

Sit down at the table, enjoy the meal, and increase your winnings, benefitting from a bonus buy feature and… Bon appetit!


Greet the Wild Overlords Bonus Buy – a game that immerses players in the atmosphere of mysterious cities and portals fuelled by the inexhaustible enigmatic power of mandala. Wild Overlords – mystical animals, a ruthless tiger, brave wolf, robust horse and a mighty buffalo – determine the value of symbols and the game’s outcome.

The Bonus Buy feature empowers players to discover even more riches of the magical world as they can trigger Free Spins at any moment. With two Wild symbols appearing on the 2nd and 4th reels and merging, Free Spins will be activated. Users will be rewarded with the rainfall of golden coins and get an opportunity to multiply their winnings.

Dip into the Bonus game to benefit from sacral mandala to the maximum!