Teen Patti is an Indian gambling card game, which means “three cards”. And it’s true that you only need three cards to make a hand! Evoplay Entertainment provides players with the opportunity to play this game. Beautiful design, decorated with colorful ornaments, simple rules, and very fast gameplay, in which the feeling of excitement is always on top! The game is based on the basic rules of classic poker, and for Lady Luck’s favorites, the game has the ability to bet blindly. Play easy and Win!


Oasis poker classic is a traditional 5-card game. It’s a perfect opportunity for a gambler to play against the casino and win a money prize instantly. The rules of Oasis poker classic remain the same: user plays against the house, therefore bluffing is excluded. To start the game, a player sets a bet (from 50 to 1000), places it on ‘Ante’ field and clicks on ‘Deal’ button. After player’s and dealer’s cards are dealt, combinations are compared. A hand with the higher value wins. A player may exchange up to 5 cards for a fee.


Texas Hold’em is currently the most popular poker game in the world. As the game evolved, the gameplay became endless, rich and volatile. Evoplay Entertainment has released its own version of Texas Hold’em with Bonus bet. Betting on the Bonus can tickle your nerves, but this is a chance to get a huge payout.

Steps of the game include: pre-flop, flop (first three cards), turn (fourth card) and river card (fifth card). The goal is to get the largest five-card poker hand to beat the dealer.

The soft colors of the game give a feeling of warmth and relaxation, and the setting is made in the best traditions of Texas. Interface elements take into account the latest trends and are designed to simplify any actions in the game. In the payout table, history and at the rules page you will find all information that you need.


Texas Hold’em Poker 3D – is a unique project from Evoplay Entertainment! Thanks to the new approach to the creation of the game, the player will be able not only to play Texas Hold’em against the dealer, but also to fully feel like a real cowboy, enjoy the atmosphere of a western, visit the Wild Wild West.

For convenience, you can change position of the camera for watching the game from a convenient angle. And also, the player is given a greater freedom in choosing actions, which makes it possible to think over the strategy of the game well.

Simple rules, classic combinations, and atmospheric gameplay – that’s what you need to have a good leisure time.


Evoplay Entertainment offers to play the 3D version of the classic American Roulette. Realistic gaming process will not leave indifferent any casino lover and this beautiful game. From the first steps, the player will get into the atmosphere of a luxurious room, appreciate the detailed design of the game table and the perfectly refined mechanics of the game. And most importantly – the player can change the camera angle, adjusting the game to own preferences.
The rules of American Roulette comply with the classical canons. The roulette contains 38 cells, including a bet on zero and double zero. The goal of the player is to guess which cell the ball will fall on after rotating the wheel. For the convenience of the players on the American Roulette game screen there is a field with ten last results that make it easy to analyze and think through next move.


Evoplay Entertainment presents the new classic French roulette. “French Roulette Classic” is rich in combinations for bets, authentic terminology, and the game also has the “Prison” rule, which distinguishes it from other analogues, increasing RTP. This rule means that with the result of Zero on roulette you will be given a chance to recoup, and either pick up half the bet or spin the wheel again at no extra charge. The soft colors of the game give an atmosphere of warmth and a feeling of relaxation. Interface elements are made taking into account the latest trends and are designed to simplify any actions in the game. In the payable you will find all the information you need, and a quick history is displayed on the main screen, which will show the latest results. You can completely relax, enjoy your holiday to the bewitching sounds of the accordion, as well as the unique charm of gambling.


Evoplay Entertainment represents its own version of one of the most popular game in the world – Baccarat. In the game you will find not only classic bets, but also additional bets for every taste and with high payouts. Our unique offer is a payout bonus on the bet for Lucky Sevens. Very simple game rules and friendly interface will make comfortable and enjoyable pastime in the game. To start the game you just need to put on one of the proposed results of the draw and click “Deal” button and follow the progress of the game.


Evoplay Entertainment represents its own version of old good Blackjack game also known as twenty-one. Compete against the dealer, get the higher hand value and win a generous prize. To start the game, a player has to set a bet amount, select amount of active hands (up to 3) and click on a ‘Deal’ button. The main goal is to collect a hand with a value up to 21 and better than the dealer’s one. This version of Blackjack has a remarkable feature – Lucky Sevens bonus. If a gambler gets three cards with a value of 7, an additional bonus (initial bet multiplied by 1.5) is rewarded.


Hidden under the cover of the night sky, the charming Madhu waits patiently for brave souls to join her in unravelling the mystery of cards in the Andar Night game.

Madhu will greet players in her best attire and invite them into her room, where cards will decide the destiny of the courageous volunteers. All they need to do is beat her in guessing the position of the winning card.

Accept the challenge and test your fate in Andar Nights.


Evoplay Entertainment introduces to play its own version of the classic European Roulette. Players who prefer traditional gambling, will definitely appreciate the seasoned style and atmosphere of a real casino. The rules of European Roulette remained the same. Roulette contains 37 cells, including a bet on zero. The player’s goal – guess which cell the ball will drop after turning the wheel. To start the game, you need to bet on the expected result. Among the possible bets: even / odd, red / black, for one and several numbers, etc.
For the convenience of players on the European Roulette screen there is a field with the last five results.